Hkon Having A Nice Time in Dubai

Hkon is seem to be enjoying himself in Dubai. The veteran R&B singer has been away from music for the past few years focusing on his philanthropical activities including the “Save The Youth Movement”. We hope makes a come back soon but for now he’s just having fun!!!

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It was announced in the early hours of yesterday that Phils Emjay has signed with BRL Muzik on a mega deal. The deal basically is to have full rights to the yet to be released EP “The Telephone EP”. It was also revealed that Hkon is heavily involved in the writing and the production process of the EP, so you expect nothing but greatness. The EP is scheduled for last quarter release and rumours have it that the likes of Tino, Mx and Hkon himself who has been mute musically were heavily involved. We cant wait to release this album.



RAP record for sale titled ‘FUCK’
It ain’t my fault am making all that moneyIt is due to the fact that am always hungry

Ain’t got time for girls so am not that lonely

Don’t take my kindness for weakness girl am sorry

Cos am not really in love with you

We spent the night and am done with u

Ehh hold up don’t give me that attitude 

Though it’s your life and it’s up to you


But I don’t give a fuck

I just don’t give a fuck


So tell ur friends bout our story

And don’t forget about what u told me

I wonder how this guy thinks u really love him

While u there in my bed at night we cuddling

I never wanted to snitch on you

I just felt I couldn’t hide the truth

No it is really not good for u

Be with ur man don’t be greedy fool


But I don’t give a fuck

I just don’t give a fuck

For the beat and demo contact

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