Rape is the prevalent theme in this movie which was crafted through dynamic story telling and a passion for positive societal impact.

After having gone through the atmosphere of the story and the lessons inherent for all and sundry, I decided to publicise it, so we can all learn and share this experience with out loved ones.

I’m talking about a new movie titled ‘BOLUWATIFE’ produced by Adebiyi Temitope.

The powerful nature of the story even leaves you more astonished to find out that the movie is his debut effort.

The pity arousing film shot in Ondo town is about a young secondary school girl under the care of a single mother who was raped by an unknown person.
The product of the rape culminates into the story of BOLUWATIFE who defiled all odds to scale through all challenges fate threw at him.

The movie features stars like Olowokere ‘Manuel’…

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