“Number 1. wizkid needs to chang his name.. foolish kid I swar he’s older than Davido what a hater  Number 2.  He needs to use that money he talks about showing in show u do money vide, count it.. then use it to fix his gap in his mouth.. and lets not start with his so called bad chick girlfriend who is looking whiter than ever.  I hope shes not bleaching ;’(. the poor guy thinks his name on a simple venue means anything.  he needs to fall back like this is a competition.  im sure Davidos show in NYC got locked off for having too many fans going crazy for him so let’s hope gappy mouth wizkid hasn’t jinxed his show as it could also be locked off at any point tomorrow or in the future.  karma is a bad b*tch.  Davido salute to u! Keep showing that kid wizkid love!”