There are rumours of an impending Beyonce and Jay-Z split
It has now been claimed that Beyonce is prepared to walk out
It is said she wants to show her daughter she is a strong woman
There is not a day that goes by without there being some sort of new rumour appearing about some sort of celebrity in the entertainment industry. There have been a lot of different sorts of rumours that go round, with some of these rumours dying out as soon as they have begun, while there are others that just never seem to go away, whether there is any truth in them or not.

One of the biggest rumours of recent times is the one that continues to claim that the power couple of the music industry, Beyonce and Jay-Z are splitting up. There have been a number of allegations that Jay-Z has supposedly cheated on Beyonce and, while Beyonce has tried her hardest to make her marriage to Jay-Z work, she has now had enough and wants to walk away with her head held high.
A supposed source told Life & Style magazine, “Beyoncé says she wants her marriage to work — and did everything to make it work — but now that she has a little girl, she can’t put up with a man if she thinks he is cheating. She wants to be a strong role model for Blue. When her dad, Matthew, was cheating on her mom, Tina, Beyoncé helped her mother to get out by giving her a place to live. I’m sure she feels it’s her turn to take the same step.”

While these Jay-Z and Beyonce split rumours are showing no sign of going away, the couple continue to look close while performing on stage and have also been seen looking happy together off stage. Until one of them or their representatives come out and tell us that a split is officially on the cards, we are going to take it all with a pinch of salt.