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Reuters quoted a soldier involved in the Bama battle as having said several of his colleagues were killed close to the Bama armoury in a bungled strike by a fighter jet targeting the insurgents.

He said the troops called in air reinforcements as they took on the insurgents but by the time a fighter jet arrived, they had mostly lost the battle in the area. In his words: “The jet then bombed the area but accidentally killed everyone there, both Nigerian troops and insurgents. The situation is bad. We lost so many of our men.”

The Senator representing Borno Central, Senator Ahmed Zannah, had also confirmed Reuters report. He had also told Punch on the phone that the insurgents were in control of Bama town.

He said, “Like I said yesterday (Monday), Bama is in the hands of Boko Haram, nothing has changed today (Tuesday). The Borno State Government is…

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