Evernote, now with over 100 million users and some 16,000 businesses paying to use its document sharing, note-taking and organising platform, is today turning on a few new features that add more interactivity and potentially time spent on the platform: Work Chat, an improved Presentation mode; and Context, a feature that suggests content from other parts of the web that may be relevant to whatever you happen to be working on in Evernote.

The three were originally introduced earlier this year during the company’s EC4 conference and they are now going by way of an app update. While Work Chat will be available to all Evernote users on all platforms (after the quiet launch of Work Chat for Windows last week), Context and Presentation are somewhat more narrow, limited to Premium, paying users, and initially just on Mac and iOS. 

(Note: Previously Work Chat was only available via Evernote‘s website/direct download or via…

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