Just before Thanksgiving here in the U.S., a Microsoft blog post accidentally leaked the company’s intention to buy mobile email application Acompli. Though the blog post itself was pulled down, the URL still revealed the forthcoming acquisition. Today, the two companies are officiallyconfirming the news, with the Acompli team of around two dozen joining Microsoft as a part of a $200 million+ deal.

Recode was first to report the $200 million figure, and we’ve also confirmed. We’ve also heard this was an all-cash deal.

“18 months ago we started building a team and a product around the idea that we could make mobile email better,” reads an Acompli blog post announcing the news. “Today that journey continues as part of a larger organization with the technology, talent, and market reach that will help us take the vision of Acompli to hundreds of millions of mobile users across the world.”


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