The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have helped Apple sell an astounding 74.5 million iPhones during the first quarter of the company’s fiscal 2015 year. That’s more iPhones than they’ve ever sold during a single quarter, up from the previous record of 51 million iPhone sales reported during the same time last year, and above the consensus estimate of around 67 million per Wall Street analysts. That’s a 41 percent increase year-over-year for iPhone sales. Apple also moved 21.4 million iPads during the quarter, down compared to last year’s 26 million units shipped.

The record-breaking number isn’t just significant in that it earns Apple bragging rights – it’s a very loud, very clear answer to critics that claim Apple is looking at winnowing growth opportunity for its smartphone division. It’s also an indicator that Apple made the right call in addressing display size with its last update, since the larger iPhone 6…

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