Apple Q1 earnings have been a record-breaker for iPhone sales, and Apple is also hitting a high in another area: China. Today the company reported sales of $16.144 billion in the country, up 157% on Q4 and 70% on a year ago. Elsewhere outside of the U.S., Apple reported revenues of $17.2 billion in Europe (up 20% on a year ago); $5.4b in Japan (up 8%) and $5.2 billion in the rest of Asia Pacific.

“We’re doing well in every corner of the world,” CEO Tim Cook pointed out on the earnings call today.

A lot of that push has been down to sales of the iPhone. Among them, Apple CFO Luca Maestri pointed out, sales in the BRIC block (Brazil, Russia, India and China), were up 97%. “The growth was absolutely stunning” in emerging markets, noted Cook.

Singling out China, Maestri noted that Apple is boosting its sales channel…

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