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omeri 3Federal Goverment of Nigeria has exposed the new tactice deployed by the Boko Haram insurgent group.The Nigerian authorities disclosed that Boko Haram would purportedly use male bombers and animals (goats, cow, donkeys and camels) to launch gruesome attacks on the nation.

According to a statement released by FG, the islamist may likely disguised as herdsmen, shoe repairers, nail cutters, etc for their operations.

The Coordinator of the National Information Centre, Mr. Mike Omeri, was quoted as saying by Vanguard:

“Available intelligence reports indicate a plan by Boko Haram to use young male suicide bombers disguised as cobblers to hide explosives in their tool boxes and detonate them on soft target areas such as markets, restaurants, ATM locations, political rallies, worship centres as well as other public places

“Also, there is indication of a plan by this group to use livestock such as, goats, cows, donkeys and camels laden with explosives to attack chosen targets.”

Therefore, Omeri…

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