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black womanEmotionally complex woman is a mixture of emotions, she’s able to express deeply, sincerely and often. This doesn’t mean she’s high drama, loud or running low in self-control, it simply means she’s a thinker, and even when quiet, those still waters run deep. While not for every man, she’s downright magnetic to the thinkers and feelers who appreciate witty banter, theoretical conversations, sensitive gestures and thoughtful debates. And here are 10 sound reasons to date her:

1. She’s not only interesting, she’s interested.

An emotionally complex woman is always interesting to be with. She is always a strenght to her man and family at large. An emotionally complex woman may always appears naggy, because she will want to know why you choose to do what you do with your life, if it makes you happy and what other interests you have aside from it. She’s happy to share…

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