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3LYQwglMqlWarning:     Sexually Explicit Content (Must be 18+) If you’re sensitive, judgemental or highly religious please DON’T READ THIS!!!! “Secret Affair” by Chrissy Chrissyy

My name is Iniobong and my life “was” perfect.
I’ve been married to my Alhaji Muhammad for almost a year now. He picked me up from the streets of and groomed me to be the woman I am today. The media had a field day when they found out that the famous Hausa businessman married a poor Calabar girl who should be in the age bracket of his daughter. Not only were we being scrutinized by the media but his family members blatantly disapproved of the marriage because of tribal and religious differences. Alhaji has three daughters; Amira, Halima, and Nafisa. Amira and Halima are older than me while Nafisa is my mate. These ladies hate and disregard me.
During the early stages of my marriage…

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