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Mixed race couple sharing a romantic moment at sunset Source: Photolyric / Getty

It’s one of America’s greatest paradoxes that no matter how diverse we become, the discomfort people feel when talking about race is never appeased. In most parts of the country, you will see countless mixed-race couples and yet, the complicated nature of our country’s sordid racial past means many people still have that initial knee-jerk reaction to seeing an interracial couple. Love may not know color, but society sure does.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes it kills me that we actually have verbiage like “interracial relationships”; it just seems so trite and unnecessary. Still, the reality of the society that we live in is we still have to use the term to differentiate relationships. Ultimately,those who have experienced them know that being a different race from your partner doesn’t necessarily make for more difficult relationships, and yet, there are undeniably unique, complicated challenges.

And while we may like to make jokes…

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