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Suge Knight Appears on 'The Late Late Show' with Guest Host D.L. Hughley - November 19, 2004 Source: Jesse Grant / Getty reports Suge’s lawyer claims that Suge Knight was legally justified in pointing his truck at Terry Carter.

Attorney Matt Fletcher explained that he will a George Zimmerman-type defense in Suge’s murder trial, claiming his client had a legal right to stand his ground and ultimately do in Mr. Carter.

Fletcher points to a California jury instruction which says, “[Suge] is entitled to stand his ground and defend himself if reasonably necessary, to pursue an assailant until the danger of death or bodily injury has passed.”

Suge claims Carter and Cle “Bone” Sloan planned to attack him as he drove his truck into the Tam’s parking lot.

Suge says he heard Carter say something to the effect of, “Should I shoot him?” Suge believed Bone and Carter were both known gang members who would make good on the threat.

Fletcher believes Carter’s…

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