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It’s exactly what many thought: the Warriors have more weapons, better defense and fewer injured players. Those three factors allowed Golden State to outlast the Cavaliers, 108-100,  in game one.

LeBron James and his crew came on pretty strong, though. The Cavaliers started with a 29-19 first quarter, which was the start of what would turn into a 44-point game for James.

This was a career high for him, but the Cavs still couldn’t pull away from the Warriors. Things were tight in that fourth quarter. James was still making shots like this:

But the game eventually went into overtime thanks to Kyrie Irving‘s last minute defense. Steph Curry drove past him, but Uncle Drew stuck with him for an outstanding play.

And then, everything fell apart for the Cavs. Nobody knows if it was because Rihanna was present, but J.R. Smith just…

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