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computer hacking Source: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / Getty

A data breach, which is believed to have originated in China, could possibly be the biggest cyber attack in U.S. history. According to U.S. officials, nearly four million former and current federal workers might have had their personal information exposed. People’s names, social security numbers, and birth dates are suspected to have been hacked at the Office of Personnel Management; an agency that hires federal workers. “The ramifications are very serious. Potentially 4 million former and current federal employees have had their information compromised, and because OPM is the agencies that holds security clearances, that’s giving a potential enemy like China very valuable information,” said Susan Collins (R-Maine). “If a foreign country can invade OPM, apparently pretty easily, and steal the data of 4 million federal employees, just think what a determined adversary could do to our critical infrastructure.”Read more.

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