Yaaksy is working to drop a new album scheduled for September and a new single titled “One Day” is dropping on the 25th of April 2016, gearing up for the release of the Second single off the yet to be titled album. So far Yaaksy is the only active artiste on the roster following the retirement of our frontman Hkon and the career Hiatus of Rikky.


“One Day” is an apologetic song, regretting mistakes made and how to get her back into your life again as clearly stated in the first verse. “Girl i wanna appologise for yelling at you and for hurting you”. Hkon’s comment on the song justifies the whole message saying “It is one of those records where you put on replay all day because of the strong message and how everybody can relate to it, probably everybody in a relationship must have gone or is going through the same thing”. The BRL executive also feels its an opportunity to unite with your loved one, “It’s a chance for you to actually speak up and make things right because theres a certain way music triggers emotion especially when it actually speaks exactly of your situation”.BRL Muzik is known for its great contents and songwriting approach which sets it apart from other labels. The lyrics is commercially fit and the content also speaks for itself. Anticipate “One Day”.